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Shanghai deemer Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd. opened the official website

Welcome new and old customers to visit! We will provide you with better service!  

Warmly celebrate the Xi'an. The heat exchanger project a successful commissioning

Following the Shanghai emerging, Guizhou Taibang, Zhejiang Haikang, Shandong Taibang, Liaoyang Jiade, Shenzhen Wei Guang, Xinjiang Deyuan, Hunan Nanyue, Xi'an Huitian project with sterile double tube plate for heat exchanger debugging success, all the hard work, thank you to Shanghai diemer branch.  

Strive for innovation, pioneering spirit, Shanghai Qingdao special medicine deemer opportunity

From May 17, 2015 to forty-ninth, 20 (spring) the National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo in Qingdao International Expo Center Grand opening. Current drug opportunity is jointly organized by the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair and China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, Qingdao Municipal People's government organized, Beijing fine Hironobu Exhibition Limited company to undertake, the total exhibition area of 12 million square meters.
Shanghai deemer industrial reloading exhibition, you understand the effect!
Come into play, come on!
Dig, Shanghai deemer! Youlang aseptic heat exchanger!
These two packages, take away!
Youlang heat exchanger, no friend to the United states! (thanks to all the equipment manufacturers in the country).
The cloud in the sky, white white! We go away and take a lot of orders!


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