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Over the past 20 years, the Swiss Uline in sterile double tube plate for heat exchanger manufacturing has been recognized as a leader in Europe, to enter the Chinese factories, as of May 2015 Shanghai diemer for the Chinese market has provided more than 800 sets of sterile double tube plate heat exchanger, our company for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other noble net industry health class double tube plate heat exchanger has established a good reputation. As a leader in the industry, we not only provide the most advanced design concepts and processing technology, but also rely on experienced technical team to provide you with the most professional services.

In sterile double tube plate heat exchanger industry, our accurate parameter design, rich experience in the application, strictly control industrial standards and norms of production management is we provide the high quality for the guarantee of heat exchanger. In the use of our products, we will always be around you, to provide you with the best solution, from the BPE/cGMP ASM documentation requirements of the raw materials, to the finishing of the tube plate and accessories, and then to the final rigorous testing and documentation, so you use the lowest cost to achieve the best conditions. Shanghai deemer proficiency in the design of any one to meet your application requirements of the strict aseptic heat exchanger. Our professional design software integrates real experimental data, such as fluid dynamics, thermal physics, and thermodynamics, to ensure that the heat exchanger designed for you can meet the requirements of your application.


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